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Butter Garlic Crab

Butter garlic crab is a thick, creamy dip which is usually made of cream cheese and lump crab meat. The other main ingredient, such as mayonnaise can be used. Various types of preparations of crab, species and superfamilies used, and various additives can be used. It is usually served hot, although the cold version is also available. version Hot usually baked or boiled. It is sometimes served as an appetizer. Accompanying may include crackers and various breads. Some US restaurants offer crab dip, varieties commercially produced there, and some stadiums offer as part of their concession.

Fresh crab meat for Butter garlic crab is necessary, frozen or canned can be used in the preparation of crab dip.Various types of crab meat can be used, such as jumbo lump, bump backfin, leg and claw, among others. Various species of crabs and superfamilies are also used, such as blue crab, Dungeness crab and Alaskan crab, among others. Some versions might use mayonnaise, types of cheese, pepper jack cheese or brie cheese instead of cream cheese and imitation crab as the main ingredients.Additional ingredients may include mushrooms, artichokes, onions, leeks, onion, green pepper, bread crumbs (such as panko), the heavy cream and others.


Meet and taste Biryani special dish that have many delicious flavour

Biryani is a dish of rice (usually basmati rice) cooked with spices, vegetables, or meats. In Indonesia and Malaysia, this dish is called with the addition of the word rice (nasi biryani, nasi briyani, briani rice, or rice beriani. The name of this dish is derived from Persian, berya which means fried or grilled. In ancient times, rice fried in cumin oil before it is boiled in water with spices until half cooked.

Biryani made of rice boiled in a separate pan. After parboiled rice, rice mixed with other ingredients, sealed in the pot, and cooked until done. Biryani is different from pullao in the way of cooking. While creating pullao, rice fried with spices in cumin oil, and immediately cooked until done. Travelers and Persian traders introduced how to cook biryani to the people of India and Pakistan. This dish is not only popular in India and Pakistan, but also in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka among the Muslim population.

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Special dish Momos that have combined chicken meat and various vegies

Momos origins are from Tibet but what is clear is that they are an absolute treat - full of flavor! Small bags or sacks fillings burst of flavor when you bite is something that is not easy to forget. We have shown some fillings very basic here but really, you can customize it to your taste and the ingredients on hand. Enjoyed making it for yourself or your family but remember, starters, have the patience and the more you make them, the better you get. Tibetan momos are the traditional dishes, so popular that they considered the unofficial national dish in this region. They are steamed or fried dumplings with minced meat or vegetable filling, and best served hot and with a spicy tomato sauce. Because momos are bite-size, it is best to make momos to share more conversations with family or friends. Follow these tips to make sure you wow your guests with this dish.

you can use a deep pan to fry your momos, but they are best cooked in a frying pan. Fill the pot or frying pan with a generous amount of oil, and allow it to get hot.Heat the pan over medium heat. Lightly coat the bottom of the pan with vegetable oil. Carefully place each momo in the pan so that they do not touch each other or the sides of the pan. Fry each until golden brown on both sides. Check to see if the oil is hot enough by dropping a piece of dough into the oil. If the bubble, you can now add your momos for oil for cooking. Let momos to fry for a few minutes on each side. Take them out of oil when they finished and put it in a paper towel to let excess oil drain off. The best momos immediately and served with a spicy sauce. Good sauce can be poured over the momo, or served on the side for dipping.


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